Serial Child Killer Myra Hindley Reportedly Begged Home Secretary To Give Her Valium In Prison

Serial child killer Myra Hindley, who tortured and murdered at least five children in the North of England in the 1960s along with boyfriend Ian Brady, reportedly begged then-Home Secretary Douglas Hurd to allow her a supply of Valium while in prison serving consecutive life sentences.

Secret letters sent by the so-called “Moors murderer” were published today, many years after they were penned, revealing some interesting facts about Myra Hindley which were previously unknown.

In other revelations, Hindley, who died in prison in 2002, aged 60, also asked the Home Secretary for permission to be hypnotized so she could recall the location of her final victim’s grave, 12-year-old Keith Bennett.

By 1987, Myra Hindley was reportedly so addicted to high doses of Valium that she looked “doped up to the eyeballs” as reported by the Daily Express today.

Officials apparently became concerned with her dependence on Valium, and her daily prescription for the drug was cut.

The new reality prompted Myra Hindley to pen a six-page letter to the Home Secretary, Douglas Hurd, explaining to him how Valium helped to relieve “pressure and trauma” in prison.

As she wrote, “I have used it many times into my sentence, particularly when there have been major crises. Since I’m not asking to be released there’s no particular point in preserving my body for a healthy and ripe old age in prison.”

Hindley explained in the letter dated March 1, 1989, that Valium was only thing that kept her going in jail.

Dr Tom Clark, a Sheffield University academic researching a book about Myra Hindley, recently uncovered the letters amid a pile of jumbled documents at the National Archives in London.

As Dr Clark told The Sun in Britain today, ‘They give a fascinating insight into Hindley’s last few years and her reliance on Valium. At no stage does she show remorse, quite the opposite.”