Faces Of ‘Skyrim’: Here Are Some Of The Coolest Portraits In ‘Elder Scrolls V’

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been around for more than three years, but fans still can’t get enough of the popular RPG. After a recent Skyrim video that managed around two million views last Christmas, gamers are now going crazy over a new trend: Faces of Skyrim.

Basically, Faces of Skyrim is nothing more than screenshots of character portraits in the game, but unlike typical screenshots from other games, Faces of Skyrim reminds us of the beauty of the game, and the roller-coaster of emotions involved in its complex gameplay.

The screenshots were submitted by avid fans of the game and were then compiled and curated on Flickr by Andrew Cull. In an interview with Game Informer, Cull says none of the photos were photoshopped or manipulated in a third-party software. It’s all Skyrim awesomeness (plus mods) taken one shot at a time. Here are some of the most amazing screenshots of Tamriel’s most beautiful and battered faces.


One of the most popular followers and housecarls in Skyrim, Lydia from Whiterun.


A female Redguard in action.


A hooded Dark Elf.


A fierce Orc Warrior.


A freckle-faced beauty with sad eyes.

Although the portraits have amazingly captured the emotions behind the characters, some fans have noted that gallery is missing some Khajit and Argonian action. Hopefully, in the future, Andrew Cull will consider adding Khajit and Argonian faces on the gallery, which is currently dominated by mer and human characters.

Taking screenshots of the wintry landscapes and peoples of Skyrim isn’t a very new trend. People have been exchanging shots of their own characters and surroundings since the game was released. Graphics-improving mods have certainly made the Skyrim experience better, and people became more eager to take the enhanced scenery and portraits of the game.

You can find the whole series in these Flickr galleries.

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[Images curated by Andrew Cull Photography/Flickr]