These Before And After Grown-Up Photos Of Cats Will Melt Your Heart

Despite being labeled as aloof and indifferent, cats have been man’s oldest companions. No wonder these owners adopted a kitten and ensured they were raised with the love of a parent. These cats, on the other hand, accepted their owners as their guardians and stuck with them. These before-after photos of cats will surely melt your heart.

It is widely believed that cats are attached to places rather than people, but it often not the case.


Cats develop a strong bond with their humans and even have a healthy relationship.


It is however, necessary to ensure that cats understand who the master is.

10891629_858679234229028_7749096956455911289_nJust like dogs, cats may try to take authoritative control of the house in case the owner doesn’t assert his or her dominance.


Unlike commonly mistaken, though cats prefer their quite time, they love the company of their person.


Being petted and groomed is one of the highlights of their day.


Regular grooming also helps owners identify any health problems early on. Additionally, the owners may become aware of any psychological problems that may be troubling their cats.


Just like dogs, cats too have indicators about their mood. Owners can quickly judge if their cats are in a foul or a joyful mood.


A happy cat will be playful and demand attention, whereas an aggravated one might shun any advances by its owners.


The tail is often an indicator of the cat”s mood. A tail high up in the air may be assumed to be an indicator that the cat is joyful.


Cats are hunters, but a pampered cat may become overweight. It is quite vital to ensure your cat gets regular exercise.


Cats having a go at the fabric of the furniture isn’t a sign of aggravation. Rather cats regularly need to sharpen their claws and slashing at the fabric helps them address that itch.


Trimming your cat’s claws regularly should help save your beloved sofa from the attack of the claw.

Just like dogs, cats too can be fiercely protective and loyal to their owners. Despite their soft and cuddly exterior, cats can and will attack a potential threat.

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