CES 2015: Samsung, Sony And LG Debuting New Products

CES 2015 gets underway on Monday, and tech professionals from all over the world have arrived in Downtown Las Vegas this weekend. CES 2015 is going to be one of the biggest consumer electronics shows in years. According to BBC News, more than 3,500 firms will exhibit new products in Las Vegas at this year’s CES show. Despite some people saying the show has become less interesting over the years, consultant Ben Keen from IHS Technology says CES is still relevant.

“It’s still the most important event in the calendar across the broader technology landscape. In the old days, it was very much about what were called brown goods — everything around the TV set and related technologies. But now, it’s quite extraordinary how many sectors converge.”

Apple usually is a no-show at CES, but could end up officially announcing the Apple Watch to coincide with CES 2015. PC Magazine predicts Apple really may try and sabotage the show.

“Apple will not be at CES; Apple is never at CES, officially. (Unofficially, there are a lot of Apple people walking around.) But Apple seems to love to sabotage major trade shows like this. The first iPhone was announced during CES 2007, and the off­site iPhone 6 announcement really hurt last year’s Super Mobility Week trade show.”

One company set to make a splash (again) at CES 2015 is Samsung, who is set to launch the most seductive television of all time. According to CNET, the “surprise” announcement is a curved 4K television. Samsung will debut a variety of products at CES 2015.

Sony tried to make a splash at CES 2011 with 3D television sets and failed miserably. According to The Verge, the company will attempt to become relevant again by showing a new Sony Walkman.

“If the A17 is any indication, this new Walkman will focus on high-quality audio — Sony has been trying to lead something of a digital audio renaissance lately, calling out support for 24-bit 192kHz sound files and high-quality amps.”

LG New Phone
LG G Flex 2

LG is set to make a splash at CES 2015 with the LG G Flex 2 smartphone. The phone remains a mystery, but it obviously has a curved screen and according to most sources, a Snapdragon processor. There are already “Redefining the Curve” signs up before the major CES 2015 announcement. It would be interesting to see how the new smartphone is received.

Besides television sets, music players and phones, CES could introduce different virtual reality products. Are you attending CES 2015 this year? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo Credits: CES, The Verge]