Arizona Department Of Transportation Says They Spotted Family Of Bigfoot On Traffic Camera [Photo]

The Arizona Department of Transportation started the New Year off with some pretty wild claims. The government agency posted a photo to their official Facebook page that shows mysterious figures walking alongside a highway. The Arizona DOT then asked viewers if they thought the mysterious figures could be a family of Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch).

The image caused quite the stir on the Arizona DOT Facebook page. Many thought the photo was most likely another Bigfoot hoax, but many believers came forward to say they had actually seen Bigfoot on previous occasions. Check out the photo in question below. The supposed Bigfoot family can be seen in the upper right hand corner of the image on the right.

Bigfoot found
Screenshot of the Arizona Department of Transportation Bigfoot post.

Many Bigfoot enthusiasts were excited to see that a government agency had confirmed what they knew all along, Bigfoot is real. However, one Sasquatch researcher ran into a problem when verifying the account by the DOT. Steve Alcorn set out to determine if the image was real or if it was another web hoax. Steve uploaded the following video with his full findings.

Sadly for the Bigfoot believers of Arizona, it appears the Arizona Department of Transportation was playing a joke on its viewers. Unfortunately, for Sasquatch believers, it appears they do not have government backing up their beliefs just yet.

It looks like 2015 will be full of Bigfoot sightings and pranks. In fact, a photo of Bigfoot bathing in a forest was taken by a Florida fisherman and posted online.

What do you think of the Arizona Department of Transportation Bigfoot prank? Was it funny or should they have considered how many Bigfoot believers would comment on the post?