90-Year-Old Twin Sisters Die Two Hours Apart

Twin sisters Martha Dixon and Mary Dickson of Granite City, Illinois, died on Christmas day, just two hours apart.

(Mary’s last name is spelled differently because her husband changed the spelling in order to reenlist in the military.)

The loss has left family members both brokenhearted and at peace, knowing the women that did everything together stayed true to that theme even in death.

Mary and Martha were born in 1924 and even went on to marry twin brothers in an unusually ironic move.

“They had a bond like no other,” said granddaughter Amy DeConcini in comments to ABC 7. “They fought like sisters, but, yet, loved each other like sisters.”

Mary died at home on December 25 while the song “Santa Baby” was playing on the radio, family said.

“When my dad passed away, she never really talked about him, but she kept asking me, ‘Have you found me a man yet?'” said Diana Hargis, Mary’s daughter. “And I told her two weeks ago, I said, ‘Mom, if you’re really good, maybe Santa will bring you one for Christmas. And he did. He took her home to my dad.”

The family believes that, while heartbroken over the double loss, the twin sisters dying on the same day “sent a powerful message.”

“For twins to go out on the same day, two hours apart, it’s like one had to take the steps to pass and help the other one get through that,” said DeConcini. “It’s been hard trying to get through the holidays. However, this was the Christmas miracle that our family needed for it to happen together.”

Stories like these twin sisters are not as uncommon as you might think, though lately they seem to center on husbands and wives.

Take this story the Inquisitr reported on at the end of December.

Giuseppe and Livia Fortuna met and married in Rome. They celebrated their gold anniversary back in 1995. That’s 50 years, and it was nearly two decades ago. In 2005, they celebrated their diamond anniversary at the 60-year mark. On June 24, 2015, the couple would have celebrated 70 years of marriage, otherwise known as a platinum anniversary, but they died minutes apart.

In Mary and Martha’s case, their bond clocked in at 21 years more than the Fortunas, helped along by the ties of blood.

With these twin sisters, do you think the deaths being two hours apart is, in fact, a “Christmas miracle” or just a major coincidence? Sound off in the comments section.