Macklemore, Tricia, And The Baby: Fans Respond To Baby Video In Different Ways

“Congratulations, Macklemore!”

Responses are buzzing around social media as Seattle native Ben Haggerty, also known as Macklemore, announced on January 3, 2015 that he and his fiance are expecting their first child. However, his public announcement was incredibly personal. Macklemore actually brought his fans into the ultrasound room with him and Tricia.

During the morning hours, he shared a tweet to his fans, and let them — as well as the rest of the public — know about the new edition to his family. As to be expected, Macklemore began receiving a barrage of congratulatory responses from fans, as well as those who are not considered “fans.”

Macklemore’s fan responses turned out to be quite emotional. Several posted and are still posting that they, literally, burst into tears after knowledge of the “little miracle.” Though the news is wonderful, it could be the delivery which made it incredibly emotional. He and Tricia indirectly included everyone in their special moment, making it memorable for all who looked at the video.

Macklemore obviously has a sincere fan base who has his back, even when things aren’t in their favors as well. Though playful, these fans are still supportive. Nothing wrong with a little humor, right?

However — as can be expected — with good news also comes those who may damper the mood by adding the other end of opinionated humor spectrum. Unfortunately, people are entitled to their opinions — whether positive or negative. Are these laughable?

Regardless of the types of support, Macklemore is happy to share the news with the world. Haggerty seems to already be a proud dad, and popular consensus deems him especially deserving of fatherhood. As shown in the video, the due date is approximately May, 2015. Yes, indeed, that makes Tricia already four-months pregnant — first trimester completed.

Gosh @macklemore loves his woman.. May 2015? They hid that pregnancy for 4 months from the world?!!

— Korben Dallas (@adOremyytweets) January 3, 2015

Possibly, they wanted to first ensure the child was growing healthily.

This may give Macklemore even more of a push during his January 22 show at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Conveniently, Macklemore also has a new album set to release this year.

Do you doubt he will finish it on time due to the new baby? Or will the new addition add to Macklemore’s already-proven work ethic?

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