Justin Bieber Freed His Nipple For Reasons That Aren't Immediately Clear

Justin Bieber gave his Beliebers a small gift this weekend.

His nipple.

For reasons that will probably never become clear, Justin Bieber freed his nipple for all the world to see. Which, granted isn't that big a deal given how much time he's been shirtless and/or naked over the years.

The 20-year-old, who saw in the New Year in Turks and Caicos with model and longtime pal Hailey Baldwin and other friends, posted a pic of the said nipple to his Shots account on Saturday.

Justin Bieber's Nipple
(Photo: Justin Bieber's Nipple)

As a result, a certain part of Twitter was basically a mess, as fans expressed funny to hilarious opinions on the singer's reveal.

Some wondered if Justin was showing solidarity for the #FreeTheNipple movement which was created by actress-turned-filmmaker Lina Esco, to protest against internet censorship and the double-standards over depictions of graphic violence.

The campaign is supported by celebrities such as Scout Willis and Miley Cyrus.

One fan tweeted,

Another took things to a cosmic level.While another wondered if Justin's nipple had a name?However, the singer's mother, Pattie Mallette, seemed to disapprove of her son's partial nudity

The best-selling author shared a selfie looking none too pleased, with the caption, "Really?"

But it seems Justin's nipple-pic encouraged others to follow his lead.

Videographer pal Alfredo Flores, who was also in Turks and Caicos, shared a pic.

To which Pattie responded, "boys!"

And there was more to come from Justin's father, Jeremy, and Lil Za.

Meanwhile, the Canadian singer made headlines over the weekend after donning the English football team Everton kit for a warm-up soccer game on Friday and a match on Saturday at the Parrot Cay private island resort.

According to reports, the island is owned by Everton chairman, Robert Earl, hence the kit.

Justin played in the guests team against staff in the resort's annual tournament on January 2.

Spectators at the game included Hailey and her sister Alaia, former supermodel, Christie Brinkley and daughters Alexa Ray Joel and Sailor and son Jack, who also played in the game.

Brinkley posted a slew of shots of the Biebs, Jack and the team.

"#Playerz," she wrote by a pic of the shirtless singer on the pitch on Jan 1.

At the next day final, Christie wrote, "The BIG Game!!! Our secret weapon gets us off to a GREAT start! #soccer."

After the Everton kit-wearing singer scored a goal, Brinkley was jubilant.

"Our Team SCORES! HIGH FIVE!!!!" she noted alongside a pic of a delighted Justin.

Justin Bieber Plays Soccer
(Photo: An overjoyed Justin Bieber after scoring a goal at a soccer game in Turks and Caicos on January 2)

Meanwhile, Hailey, Alaia and Sailor were snapped giggling after the ball nearly hit them, according to the caption of one of Brinkley's pics, which Hailey reposted.

And it seems Justin slipped at one point while playing soccer and is using crutches at the moment.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin and Hailey relaxing at the Parrot Cay private island resort)

However, based on a snap Sailor posted after the soccer after-party at Christie's "Lucky House" residence on the island, it looks like the singer had fun despite his injury.

Sailor's caption read "Dadddd!" and is a reportedly a reference to a term of endearment for Justin which Hailey has used before.