Two Women Sunbathe In Cemetery Atop Gravestone, Sparking Outrage

Two women have sparked a flurry of outrage in Australia, after they were spotted sunbathing atop a gravestone in a cemetery located just meters away from Glenmaggie lake.

The incident began when the two women, who are believed to be in their 40s, were photographed laying atop a couple’s grave in Glenmaggie Cemetery clad only in bikinis, according to the Daily Mail. Located in Eastern Victoria, the cemetery sits next to a caravan park, where Seven News reports that the sunbathers were staying. The pair refused to comment when approached by a reporter for the news outlet.

Local residents have reacted to the cemetery sunbathing with scorn, voicing their displeasure on social media.

“Shame on the two females who decided to sunbathe on two gravestones in glenmaggie cemetery in Victoria. what a utter disgrace and insult to the dead [sic],” one commenter wrote.

Stay classy glenmaggie RT @9NewsMelb: Two women snapped sunbaking on a grave in a Gippsland cemetery.

— ozduncsa (@ozduncsa) January 2, 2015

“How dumb are the ladies sun baking on a grave in a cemetery at glenmaggie????? They have rocks in there head to do something so stupid if it were a grave containing members off my family I would give them a piece off my mind and maybe even think off burying them alive [sic],” another agitated observer posited.

Peter Coleman, a member of the Glenmaggie Cemetery Trust, noted that three generations of his family are interred at the site. He related to Seven News that the community is devastated by the sunbathers’ actions.

“From the age of the people they are, they should be disgusted with themselves,” he asserted. “Personally I would love them to come forward and make a public apology to all the locals.”

Some in the community defended the sunbathers, pointing to the fact that the pair did no damage to the gravestone. One commenter asserted that the local reaction was so severe that he felt it was only warranted if the graves had been dug up and defaced.

Last year, a grieving mother in Derbyshire was stunned to find a penalty notice attached to her daughter’s gravestone. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Amber Valley Council, who oversee Alfreton Cemetery, fined her and several others for flower displays left on their relatives’ graves, alleging that the tributes did not conform to cemetery rules.

Though the local community was deeply offended by the sunbather’s actions, the pair apparently committed no crime by perching atop the gravestone at Glenmaggie Cemetery.

[Image via the Daily Mail]