WWE News: Details For Triple H Vs Sting WrestleMania 31 Storyline Revealed

It is all but confirmed that Triple H and Sting will cross paths once more. The problem, sadly, was that we didn't know when. There have been rumors for some time regarding when we'd see Sting again. It was assumed we wouldn't see him until The Authority came back to power. WWE decided to move up their return, but it had been in the plans for them to return within the next month anyway.

That said, Sting was going to be gone until they returned. Now that they are back, he could be back at any point. This is why there have been reports that he could be at WWE RAW this coming Monday. Another rumor states that he could be a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble match. It is thought that he would enter only to right things, not win the match.

"The Vigilante," as Sting has come to be called, has been a thorn in The Authority's side. The idea is for this to continue on WWE programming. So when things get their bleakest, Sting would arrive to right the wrongs. This was assumed and now considered to be the way things are going.

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE still wants to make a Triple H/Sting match happen at WrestleMania 31. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon didn't want to do it if The Undertaker was able to perform, which is possibly why WWE hasn't mad a match obvious with the two yet. McMahon wants Sting/Taker if The Phenom is healthy enough to perform. If he is not, speculation is that he would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. However, most expect this to not be so, as WWE already has a potentially stacked line-up this year. So one big name would have to be removed for that to happen.

The Authority

Sting and Randy Savage are considered the top names for the Hall this year, especially Sting due to WrestleMania being in California.

Triple H wants to face Sting regardless of Taker's status. That appears to be where WWE is headed. The idea behind the story is that Vince McMahon will see how bad The Authority is for the WWE. So he'd have a representative take on Triple H for control of the company. WWE wanted to do this angle last year with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, but it appears that The Rattlesnake wants to remain retired. Although, he could be a referee in this match.

Vince's rep would obviously be Sting, which would be a very interesting thing seeing as Sting was the only man Vince could never turn from WCW or even bring in after he bought them out back in the day. So now this man is Vince's rep? It looks like it. This would work for WWE because Vince could do a lot of the talking when Sting cannot be around. If need be, WWE could add dates to Sting's current deal.

He currently has five dates left for WWE to use at any time. One would be at WrestleMania 31, which leaves around four remaining for WWE to use when they feel like it.

While the idea of this storyline with Triple H sounds interesting, most WWE fans would probably want to see Sting appear more often than a few dates to set up the match. This is still possible, but we will have to see what WWE does leading up to WrestleMania. At least we know that WWE is still planning to use Sting in a wrestling match at Mania -- the only issue that has been ongoing is the match he would be in. We still could see Sting face someone else, but if Triple H gets his way, it'll be The Icon vs The Game at WrestleMania 31.

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