Utah Man Covers Anna Kendrick's 'Cups' Using Guns And Ammo

Amanda Lager

One Utah man has made a cover of Anna Kendrick's song "Cups" using an unconventional method. Instead of instruments, Jim Huish uses different guns and ammo in addition to those iconic red cups to recreate the sound of the Kendrick's hit from Pitch Perfect.

Jim Huish posted his cover of Anna's "Cups" on YouTube during the holidays, and it has gone viral with over a million views. Jim performs using an AR15, AK47, CZ75, and Walther P22, according to the Utah Daily Herald. Huish is a member of the band Amber's Drive, and performs mainly in Tennessee. Jim shot the video in Orem, Utah, which is 40 miles south of Salt Lake City. The Daily Herald also says that the cold weather inhibited some of the firearms' functionality.

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During the video, Jim recreates the sound of Kendrick flipping cups and clapping by putting together and then dismantling his guns as well as by firing the weapons. The video may not exhibit the epitome of firearm safety, but it is one of the most unique covers of Anna's hit. Watch below as Huish recreates Anna's "Cups."

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Did you somehow miss Kendrick's "Cups" the first time around? Phoenix's KTAR News reports that Anna's performance in 2012's Pitch Perfect was so popular that fans could not get enough of the song or the actress. A music video for "Cups" was created in 2013 and quickly earned millions of views on YouTube.

Most covers of "Cups" were mediocre, KTAR says. They also call Huish's cover "unique, high-powered."

"In lieu of cups, Black Flag decided to use guns. Maybe their cover should just be called 'Guns?' That or 'Merica.'"

In comparison, watch the music video for "Cups" in which Anna plays a diner waitress with dreams of visiting far away places.

"Cups" gave Anna a top 10 Billboard charts hit, as covered by the Inquisitr. Kendrick took the idea for the performance from Reddit videos using cups and different songs. "Cups" became a single on Pitch Perfect's soundtrack. Then Anna's hit became popular months after the release of the film. The popularity confused Kendrick, which she admitted on Instagram.

"How I feel about having a song in the billboard top ten for five weeks. #ItDefiesLogic."

[Photo Source: YouTube]