Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Of ‘Big Bang Theory’ Forced To Apologize For Saying She’s ‘Not A Feminist’

Kaley Cuoco, or Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting as she’s come to be known as since marrying Ryan Sweeting, is doling out apologies.

The Big Bang Theory star admitted that she wasn’t a feminist in a recent Redbook interview, and that sparked a backlash that forced the actress to apologize, adding that her words were “taken out of context.”

Just what did she say that was so inflammatory? Here’s an excerpt.

“Is it bad if I say no [not a feminist]? It’s not really something I think about. Things are different now, and I know a lot of the work that paved the way for women happened before I was around … I was never that feminist girl demanding equality, but maybe that’s because I’ve never really faced inequality.”

A bit later in the interview, she shared her willingness “to serve” her husband.

“I cook for Ryan five nights a week: It makes me feel like a housewife; I love that. I know it sounds old-fashioned, but I like the idea of women taking care of their men. I’m so in control of my work that I like coming home and serving him. My mom was like that, so I think it kind of rubbed off.”

These two comments in particular ignited a fire in feminists on Twitter.

@usweekly that girl is one dumb hoe.

— The Drunky Single (@TheDrunkySingle) January 2, 2015

@TheMarySue @chaeronaea literally vomiting

— Alison Rapp (@mnemosynekurai) December 31, 2014

Sam Maggs of The Mary Sue had this to add.

“The most tragic thing about this interview is not that Cuoco-Sweeting personally doesn’t identify as a feminist (though that is also inarguably tragic in my mind), but that her words reflect the views of countless other men and women who believe the time for feminism is over, or that being a feminist means you also have to be a man-hating lesbian.”

What do you think about Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting saying that she is not a feminist? Does she deserve the backlash she is now getting for the perception of “turning her back” on women who fought for equality, or is this much ado about nothing? Sound off in our comments section.

[Image via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]