Arlington Texas Waiter Writes N-Word On African American Group's Checks, Says 'My Bad'

Sean Mahoney

In perhaps the most egregious and stupid Anti-Happy New Year's messages delivered going into 2015, an Arlington, Texas, waiter wrote "N****r" on the checks of some New Year's Eve revelers that were out celebrating.

Though the waiter, listed as Ragheed on the receipts, when called to task for including the N-word on the checks of his patrons, blew it off by saying he "didn't mean anything by it." The Arlington, Texas, restaurant where the incident occurred appropriately told the racist waiter to hit the bricks and fired him, reports, KHOU.

The waiter's lame, and poorly received, notes were received by a party of six black friends who went for a New Year's Eve dinner at an establishment called the Shatila Lebanese Grill in Arlington, Texas. Though there to celebrate the New Year, the racist, N-word-writing waiter put a damper on things when the group received their N-word labeled receipts.

According to the group of friends, their asking for separate checks seemed to be what set the waiter off, the waiter apparently seeing the requests for separate checks as a perfectly reasonable motivation to let his racist flag fly and deliver some N-word bombs with the group's checks, reports Eater, who also labels the racist restaurant worker "The World's Worst Waiter."

Upon receiving the N-word stained checks, the group of black patrons says they tried to have a word with the waiter, to "ask him politely about the receipt."

However, that's when the racist waiter tried to wave his whole N-word writing escapade off by saying he "didn't mean anything by it."

In interviews with KHOU, members of the group seem far more stunned, taken aback, and hurt by the incident than angered.

"At the end it kinda ruined it for us," Ta'les Russell told KHOU. "We're being labeled. This is what they identified us as, and not the three girls and three guys."

"All (the N-word) capital letters, just right there. I just did a double take. I was like, 'Wow.' It was just a shock to me," said Justyce Hill.

A third member of the group, Jasmine Tucker said, "I went to sleep thinking about it; went to sleep upset about it and woke up upset about it."

Mike Salame, meanwhile, the owner of Shatila Lebanese Grill, was understandably embarrassed by his waiter emblazoning the N-word on the receipts of some of his customers.

"I'm just sorry man … I'm just sorry," said Mr. Salame. "It's very very improper. There is [sic] no exceptions at all. That's why when I found out, on the spot, I terminated him … on the spot."

Salame also noted that the offending N-word writing server had only been working at his restaurant for a week, had received other complaints, and was on the verge of being fired anyway. The restaurant owner also apologized to the wronged group of friends.

Ragheed, the reported waiter and offensive one-word author that included the N-word on the checks is an 18-year-old of Syrian descent. When questioned about his rude and racist act by KHOU, Ragheed told them his only comment would be, "My bad."

Despite the disappointing and offensive ending to their New Year's celebration, the group had arrived at the restaurant to celebrate after attending a New Year's Eve church service where the message was one of forgiveness and staying positive.

"We handled ourselves the way we were taught how to handle ourselves," said Justyce Hill, who obviously has every right to hurl many choice negatives at the N-word writing waiter, but instead is taking the high road.

"I would forgive him," said Hill.

[Images via KHOU]