Neill Blomkamp Reveals Secret ‘Alien’ Film

Neill Blomkamp has revealed concept art for his take on the Alien universe, though the director noted that no deal exists between he and Fox, the studio that owns the franchise.

On Thursday night, Blomkamp began releasing the Alien concept art through his Instagram account, io9 reports. The first image was of an angered xenomorph queen, lumbering through a jungle-like enclosure. Another image reveals the derelict transport ship from 1979’s Alien, seemingly recovered to an industrial hanger, while a scarred Hicks stands next to Ripley in yet another, as she wears a suicide bomb vest.

One of the concept pieces details the inside of a Weyland-Yutani warehouse, apparently the enclosure through which the Alien queen rages in the first image. In possibly the most chilling picture from the series, Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley dons the space jockey helmet, a look of terror upon her face.

A representative from Fox confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that no deal exists between Blomkamp and the studio, noting that the Alien concept art was a project the District 9 director had undertaken on his own. Blomkamp did not claim the project was officially sanctioned by Fox, and an unverified Twitter account linked to his Instagram further substantiated the claim, noting that Fox was unaware he was working on the concept.

“Ps this has nothing to do with the studio. I just feel like I might do something else instead. In which case why not show some work.”

Two more images were posted to Blomkamp’s Instagram account on Friday, including one of a battle-scarred Hicks and another of an odd new take on the Alien facehugger concept.

The last Alien film was released in 1997, before a series of crossovers with the Predator franchise were produced. More recently, Fox released director Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, set in the same universe as Alien, a sequel to which is currently in development, as the Inquisitr has previously reported.

Though the concept art proved to be merely speculative in nature, numerous fans expressed their desire to see a new movie in the Alien universe, their interest raised to a fever pitch by Blomkamp’s designs.

[Image: Neill Blomkamp via GeekTyrant]