Angelina Jolie Calls Chickenpox Illness Absurd, Praises Kids For Filling In

Angelina Jolie said that it was absurd that she came down with chickenpox. According to Us Weekly, the Unbroken director sat down with Al Roker on Friday to discuss her latest film, and she opened up about the illness that kept her from promoting the film, and attending its U.S. premiere. Of course coming down with such an ailment as an adult is fairly uncommon, so Jolie couldn’t even believe what had happened to her.

“It was so absurd! What was even stranger, during the day before, I was doing interviews, and I was like, ‘what is happening?!'” Jolie told Roker.

While Angelina Jolie was dealing with her “absurd” diagnosis, she recruited her husband, Brad Pitt, and three of their kids to attend the Los Angeles premiere in her place. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Pitt walked the red carpet withMaddox, 13, Pax, 11, and Shiloh, 8, last month while Jolie stayed home to rest. The actress said that she thought it was “fun” that her kids took her place, and that all three of them took the job seriously.

“It was really fun that my kids took the mantle. They took it very seriously when I said, ‘You’ve got to represent mom. You gotta do this for me. You gotta do this for Louie [Zamperini].'”

According to E! News, Jolie also talked about the image her children have of her. When Roker mentioned a scene where it looked like Jolie was making gnocchi, she had to laugh.

“My kids would disagree. I don’t think they’ve ever seen me make gnocchi, but I think they’d love that image. I should try that. I would love to think of myself as the classic mom at home being able to…I’m one of those people that I’ll learn this random exotic meal from… I can do a really interesting Afghan dish with eggplant but I don’t know how to do basic spaghetti. I’m just that person.”

Jolie had a very strong relationship with the film Unbroken, the meaning behind it, and the people involved. While she has undoubtedly shown just how passionate she is when it comes to her work, this film was something even bigger for her. And, really, it is absurd that she came down with chickenpox of all things, but she is feeling better, and is back to work once more.

[Photo courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images via Us Weekly]