David Babaii: Gwyneth Paltrow Helped Celebrity Hairstylist Lose Half His Body Weight In 4 Months

David Babaii is starting the new year as a new man thanks to one very special celebrity pal, Gwyneth Paltrow. The 40-year-old Hollywood hairstylist to the stars took to Facebook to thank the slim actress personally for the impact that she made in his life and on his health. After suffering through the end of a serious relationship, Babaii realized that he needed to make changes in his life.

“I did not love myself and food was my best friend,” Babaii wrote, “till one day I looked at myself I mean really looked at myself and thought I need help and I want to love myself again so my dear friend @gwynethpaltrow helped me get myself to understand that I’m worth it and I am loved and that I should love myself.”

David Babaii went on to explain that he is sharing his story of weight loss and friendship to inspire a friend who needs to get in shape. Thanks to Paltrow, Babaii has lost a whopping 135 pounds, and he looks amazing. What’s even more amazing is that he dropped the weight in just four months, crediting Paltrow’s love and understanding for helping him through the process.

After losing 135 pounds from his 285-pound frame, Babaii weighs just 150 pounds, which is a much healthier weight for someone of his height and represents nearly a 50 percent drop from his starting weight.

According to E! News, the noticeably slimmer hairstylist stands just 5’5″, but his weight had ballooned to 285 pounds, and his waist measured 44 inches before he turned his life around with Paltrow’s guidance. The busy celebrity mom even took the time to respond personally to Babaii’s emails any time of the day or night, unless she was sleeping. Equinox trainer Will Castillo also worked with David Babaii on his impressive transformation.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Gwyneth Paltrow allegedly spends a small fortune on her beauty routine every month. Her $21,000 monthly expenses reportedly include numerous holistic treatments and facials as well as a costly 90-minute massage and the services of a professional makeup artist and hairstylist. In addition, she reportedly receives an apple stem cell facial on a weekly basis at a whopping cost of $465.

As for Paltrow, she has credited a simply beauty routine with her youthful looks, maintaining that exercise and eating raw foods along with a little moisturizer and the occasional facial are all it takes to keep her looking good.

[Image via David Babaii Facebook]