Ray J 911 Suicide: Ray J Allegedly Claims Princess Love Threatened Him In Murder-Suicide

Ray J allegedly called 911 when his girlfriend threatened suicide, but it is now being reported that Ray J feared his own life at the time, and that he thought Princess Love was going to kill him before killing herself in a murder-suicide. According to the Mail Online, records of the 33-year-old’s 911 call have been released, and the details are chilling.

“She’s threatening to kill herself because I wanted to end the relationship… I went back to try and find the gun, but she won’t show it to me. I don’t want to be in the house because (rapper) Earl [Hayes] just killed his girlfriend, I’m thinking she might kill me,” a man identified as Ray J can be heard saying on the recording.

Ray J called 911 to report his girlfriend’s suicide threat, but there wasn’t any talk of him fearing his own life until now. This all started last month when Princess Love saw a photo of Ray J with Chris Brown’s main chick, Karrueche Tran. Evidently, the photo sent Princess Love into a downward spiral, and she couldn’t control her emotions. She reportedly sent Ray J a “frantic” text threatening to kill herself.

According to the Grio, the couple have worked things out, and it doesn’t seem like Ray J fears for his life any longer. It is unclear if the two are still together after the incident, but it doesn’t sound like they are. Princess Love has apparently come to terms with ending her relationship with Ray J, and things between them are better.

People haven’t heard too much from Ray J since Whitney Houston’s death, save for his attempt at more fame back in 2013 when he released a “diss track” called “I Hit It First,” in regard to him “having” Kim Kardashian before Kanye West. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ray J also released a book about infidelity, where he referred to one of the characters as “KK.” While it’s clear that he is bitter when it comes to his ex (whom he has a sex tape with), Ray J only seems to be in the news when there is a woman involved.

Ray J’s 911 call about the potential murder-suicide also involved a woman, which isn’t all that surprising. He isn’t having much luck finding his way around the map, and seems to continuously fall off. He may be back in the news in a few months, but you can expect there to be a chick involved with the story.

[Photo courtesy of Jesse Grant/Getty Images for VH1 via The Grio]