Reality Steve Too Busy To Spoil 'Bachelor' 2015? New Girlfriend May Be The Reason

Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers are as popular as the show itself, but just days before Chris Soules' season begins, fans are wondering why Steve is coming up short on some of the episode-by-episode details.

"The earlier episodes have always been the toughest for me to get, and for some reason I haven't been able to put it all together this season."

Could it be that the snarky blogger has a girlfriend? A photo he posted on Instagram shows Steve sitting next to a beautiful woman, with the caption, "Here's to 2014. Looking forward to an even better 2015."

reality steve girlfriend

It's likely that Bachelor fans who think spoilers make ABC's reality show more fun are just a wee bit disappointed that Steve would go out on a date when there are several episodes yet to be spoiled. The horror!

In his most recent blog, Reality Steve freely admits that he is not going to have the usual episode-by-episode spoilers up in time for January 5 premiere of The Bachelor Season 19. Not that it's his job to get the spoilers up, but fans of his blog have come to expect that. The spoilers also make the super-cheesy reality show a bit more fun to watch.

"My next column will be on Monday, and unless a miracle happens before then, I'm not going to have my episode-by-episode spoilers for you. I have a lot of sporadic notes throughout the season, but the episode-by-episode stuff is not complete and probably won't be."

Of course, fans could always get the latest Bachelor scoop from celebrity gossip sites like Celeb Dirty Laundry, but shocking headlines from past seasons of the Bachelor, like "Sean Lowe Quits the Bachelor," usually prove to be completely false.

Instead, Reality Steve's loyal followers wait for his often sarcastic play-by-play blog posts that have become as important as having a bottle of wine ready every Monday night during each season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

Who is the mystery woman in Reality Steve's Instagram photo? Perhaps he will introduce her on an upcoming live video chat so fans can ask him ultra-personal questions such as, "Have you introduced her to your dog, Maddie?"

For now, Bachelor fans can read Steve's spoilers for the first episode that airs January 5, along with the final rose spoiler — one that Steve promises is 100 percent correct.

[Images:, Cinema Blend, Christian Today]