Snooki’s Instagram Hacked, Sent Message Back To ‘Arabic Hackers’

MTV reality star Snooki was reportedly the victim of a recent online hack herself.

According to Yahoo!, the 27-year-old reality star’s Instagram account was recently hacked by people that identified themselves as “Arabic hackers” in a post that has since been deleted from her account.

“We are Arabic hackers, but that doesn’t mean all of the Arabic people are bad.”

Earlier this week, multiple images were deleted from Snooki’s Instagram account without her permission. The deleted images were then replaced with Arabic messages in addition to an image of a person wearing a head scarf.

Snooki was not able to respond to the “Arabic hackers” through her Instagram account right away because of her account being compromised. However, that did not stop Nicole LaValle (also known as “Snooki”) from reaching out to them with a message of her own through Twitter.

“Dude I get your playing this little game & it turns you on, but don’t delete pictures of my kids. Have a heart since clearly you got balls.”

Snooki was eventually able to regain full control of her official Instagram account. She essentially seemed to make up for lost time by posting a series of her own family photos.

On December 30, Snooki used the caption of a photo of her newborn daughter Giovanna to express how much she appreciated being able to have the Instagram account.

“I have to say I love having this account because I get to share my life with you.”

Snooki Instagram msg

Snooki has openly expressed her feelings and thoughts of parenting and motherhood since her first child, Lorenzo, was born back in 2012. In an interview with, she was asked to describe her experiences as a mother.

“Phenomenal! It is the best thing ever. I feel like I have a new best friend, and when I look at Lorenzo I think he is just so cute.”

Snooki first made headlines and gained popularity as part of the cast of the hit MTV reality series Jersey Shore back in 2009.

The popularity of the show seemed to make her an overnight celebrity, leading to quite a few appearances on late night talk shows and cameo appearances in movies and other television shows. Snooki married her longtime boyfriend and the father of her two children, Jionni LaValle, in 2014.

[Image Credit: Jezebel & Kuwaitiful]