Karla Carbo Lawyer: 29-Year-Old Karla Carbo Accused Of Posing As A Lawyer, Charged With Fraud In Utah

Karla Carbo isn’t a lawyer, but she has allegedly been posing as one. According to the New York Daily News, Carbo, 29, has pretended to be a licensed lawyer at least three times over the past six months, and has negotiated at least one plea agreement with prosecutors for a “client.” The South Jordan native was outed when the real attorney — whose name, Karla Stirling Fierro, she had been using — received a court summons. Carbo was representing a client in Draper at the time of the summons… and the “real” attorney doesn’t even practice criminal law, so that was that.

“Carbo was arrested on suspicion of fraud, forgery and identity theft Tuesday, a week after negotiating felony counts down to misdemeanors during plea negotiations on behalf of a client in Summit County, east of Salt Lake City.”

Karla Carbo pretended to be a lawyer, and her clients apparently had no idea that she wasn’t legit. The plea agreement that she negotiated before getting caught is set to be canceled. Sheriff’s Capt. Justin Martinez said that a motive in the case is unknown. It is likely that Carbo was trying to make some serious money, but it is unknown how she found such unsuspecting clients, or how she got away with the lie for so long.

According to Sport Act, Carbo submitted a bar application under the name of a “real” lawyer. Martinez said that request was denied. Although Carbo was able to successfully negotiate with prosecutors, it is unknown if she actually had any real legal training or if she actually wants to be a lawyer.

Karla Carbo and lawyer Karla Stirling Fierro have never met. This isn’t exactly a classic case of identity theft, but that is essentially what she did. People have pretended to hold jobs that they don’t actually have for personal gain in the past as well. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the city of Detroit fell victim to robberies made by “fake cops” back in July of 2013.

“Driving a white Crown Victoria, the supposedly fake cops wore bulletproof vests and police badges. These ‘fake cop’ robbers would hold up drivers pumping gas and in one case even pistol-whipped the victims to get their cash and cell phones. The unmarked Crown Victoria has become infamous for pulling over drivers, demanding a search, and then robbing the victims blind.”

[Photo courtesy of Sport Act]