KKK Radio Billboard Stirs Controversy: ‘It’s Not Racist To Love Your People’ [Photo]

Residents in Harrison, Arkansas, are concerned over a billboard located off a major highway in the area. The billboard was sponsored by the Knights Club of the Ku Klux Klan, and promotes the KKK’s “family-friendly” radio programs hosted on White Pride Radio.

KNWA reports that the billboard is located just off HWY 65 in Harrison, Arkansas. The billboard features a little girl holding a puppy with the slogan, “It’s not racist to love your people” across the top. The billboard then points viewers to the White Pride Radio website. Below the White Pride Radio website information is the statement, “Love lives here.”

KKK billboard
Photo of the KKK's White Pride Radio billboard.

What exactly is the KKK’s White Pride Radio all about? According to the KKK radio website, the radio programs focus on “family friendly” programming that does not include “race mixing.”

“We are also pleased to present a wide range of music and a nice selection of Old Timey Radio programs – the kind that the family used to sit around and listen to in the evening. These are free of race mixing themes and the exploits of homosexuals – the kind of entertainment that is popular on television today – even on so-called ‘family’ networks like ABC Family.”

The KKK radio claims to offer programs for men, women, teens, and even children. The White Pride Radio touts a children’s program called “Stories with Grandma” which the KKK calls “racially sound.”

The residents around Harrison have mixed reactions to the new billboard. Some claim that it is definitely turning heads, and many wonder exactly what the billboard is intended to promote. Fayetteville resident Dale Riggins says it will make people stop and look.

“It makes people stop and look. I mean you start wondering, what does the sign really mean?”

Others say the sign makes it appear as though white people are “superior,” or could be construed as racist when you go to the actual website. Some residents, however, don’t see anything racial in the sign. Yolanda Riggins says she sees nothing racial in the sign itself.

“I don’t see it as being any kind of a racism sign.”

This isn’t the first time the KKK has caused a stir in Arkansas. Earlier this year, some Arkansas residents were greeted at their doorsteps with KKK recruitment letters.

What do you think? Is the KKK radio billboard itself racist? What about the White Pride Radio website?