Golden Rain Tree Holds The Secret To Quit Smoking, Claim Researchers – It’s Way Cheaper Than Traditional Remedies Too

Alap Naik Desai

Smokers looking for a surefire way to quit smoking could soon have a healthy and natural solution. Experts are already heaping praise on a chemical that has proven to be more effective than nicotine when it comes to helping people quit smoking.

A plant extract that is primarily found in certain parts of Central and Eastern Europe should help even heavy smokers kick the habit, reported New England Journal of Medicine. As a bonus, the plant extract is quite cheap to procure, thereby greatly increasing its commercial viability. The extract is called cytisine, and it has a strong appeal as a substitute for nicotine in smoking cessation. Moreover, besides being quite cheap to procure, it has proven to be more effective than any of the currently available nicotine replacement techniques like patches and gum, according to the study.

Essentially, cytisine is an alkaloid derived from plants in the leguminosae family, and is primarily found in the seeds of the golden rain tree, known as Cytisus laburnum. Eastern Europeans have long used the product as an alternative for tobacco due to its ability to stimulate the very receptors in the brain that nicotine also affects.

The technique to quit smoking using cytisine is quite simple. Researchers in New Zealand examined 1,310 smokers who were trying to quit. Half of the group was administered cytisine via tablets in reducing dosages. The other was treated with traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) like nicotine patches, gums, or lozenges for two months.

Research proved that those taking cytisine was far more successful in quitting cigarettes. After six months, 143 of the 655 cytisine patients were still abstaining from smoking, while only 100 in the NRT group had managed to refrain from lighting up.

The reason cytisine hasn't been globally hailed as the holy grail of the quit smoking movement is that research on usage of the alkaloid hasn't really expanded beyond Eastern Europe. In fact, a product by the name of Tabex is already sold by a Bulgarian company. Interestingly, though studies in the past have successfully demonstrated the ability of cytisine to help quit smoking, they were dismissed purely because the methodologies employed weren't in accordance to current standards for clinical trials.

However, the latest research has allowed cytisine to be established as a surefire method to help even heavy smokers to quit smoking. Additionally, the product needs to be administered for just about a month and costs only about $35, in comparison to traditional NRTs, which cost anywhere between $100 and 700 and won't come with a guarantee that the taker will quit smoking.

[Image Credit | Shutterstock, Why To Read]