‘Harry Potter’ Stars Daniel Radcliffe And Emma Watson Talk Adult Films And Hogwarts History [Video]

Growing up in the Harry Potter film saga is sort of like being raised in the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality TV family. The public interest and media spotlight always shine brightly upon you. As a result, the now adult Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry himself, and Emma Watson, who stole away some of the scenes as Hermione Granger, are finding their every move constantly scrutinized.

And for Radcliffe, that means everything from visiting a Bob Evans restaurant in Flint, Michigan, to stripping for a theater role involves deep and dark wizardly speculation from, well, everyone. Reddit went wild when someone posted a photo of Daniel at the restaurant, with some commentators posing as Harry Potter himself, reported MLive News.

Reddit posters even provided imaginary dialogue and interviews with the fictional Harry Potter.

You’re in f**king Michigan, Harry.

I’m in WHAT? But I’m just Harry!

Daniel has sought different ways to divorce himself from the Harry Potter film franchise, even developing rapping skills, shown below.

The actor himself also trended on Twitter, with the #DanielRadcliffe hashtag turning at one point into a debate about whether Radcliffe respected his character, including images.

“Don’t you dare tell me Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t respect Harry Potter anymore” — HannahBatt3rsby

Others came up with intriguing theories as to why Daniel was visiting Michigan.

“Daniel Radcliffe was in Flint today. At Bob Evans. Must have messed up that floo powder again. Silly wizard” — @MollTron

The more boring but valid reason, however, is that Radcliffe was visiting his girlfriend, Erin Darke, whose family lives in Michigan, reported the Detroit Free Press.

Erin has even joined Daniel on the red carpet for her own indoctrination into flashing cameras.

Having a girlfriend who’s not Hermione may disappoint some Harry Potter fans. But Daniel views changing the public perception of him as critical for his post-Hogwarts success, reported the Daily Mail.

And going nude completed his graduation ceremony and initiation into what Radcliffe views as an elite club.

“To join you have to have been stark b****** naked on stage at some point of your career. I mean full-frontal nudity in front of thousands of people.”

That initiation rite occurred when Daniel was 17 and went beyond-commando for his role in Equus. That honor was his choice for his very first theater acting role, after completing five of the eight Harry Potter films.

But Radcliffe didn’t stop there. He continued to look for adult film roles in which he could display his assets.

“Yup, I did three films last year and I got naked in all of them. I think getting naked on a stage gets rid of all your inhibitions.”

As for concern about his appearance, lacking any wizards to conjure up six-pack abs, Daniel choose the humdrum method of working out.

“I also decided to start going to the gym, so the whole thing about hating how you look doesn’t become an issue. There’s nothing like doing a nude scene to put yourself under pressure. But honestly, it might look like I do but I don’t go round insisting that nudity clauses have to be put in my contract – I just happen to be getting it out a lot at the moment.”

As for his female counterpart, Emma Watson, she also feels that she has had to battle to graduate from Hogwarts, reported the Mirror.

“In my downtime I don’t sex myself up much. Sometimes I have a hard time convincing directors I can play more adult roles.”

Working to erase that image of the little girl in Harry Potter, Watson has appeared in grown-up films ranging from The Bling Ring to Noah, as the Inquisitr reported. Emma also is scheduled to star in an adult movie called Regression with Ethan Hawke.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]