Exclusive Singapore Skyscraper: Specially Built ‘Sky Garages’ For Cars Provide Ultimate Convenience

The all-new luxurious residential skyscraper in Singapore, The Hamilton Scotts, is so luxurious that it offers car owners space in a specially adapted “sky garage” adjacent to their apartments for their car or cars.

As A Geeky World reported recently, the Hamilton Scotts, a 30-story, 56-unit building, features a glass elevator shaft that lifts cars into condo units and parks them, behind a glass wall, next to the living room.

Despite the hefty price tag to own or rent such an apartment — which offers tens of thousands of square meters of living space for those who can afford it — the designers had a big problem: parking.

The dedicated team of architects and engineers then came up with a solution to the parking problem.

“It’s done in such a way that it’s a museum showcase, it’s just not a car park,” CEO of real estate development firm, KOP Properties said.

Apart from the so-called “sky garages,” Hamilton Scotts also offers other high-end features, such as a luxury gym, conference rooms, jacuzzis, and an outdoor pool.

But the price tag, as mentioned before, is hefty, to say the least; a single unit can cost anywhere between $9.4 million to $23.5 million, while renting an apartment there would set you back around $11,000 monthly.

So how does one actually drive their Ferrari or Bentley virtually into their living room?

Well, the system seems complex but is actually simple enough. When a resident enters the building, they drive their car straight into a glass elevator shaft. The elevator raises the vehicle up to the condo and parks it within a glass enclosure that is visible from the living room.

As well as the obvious convenience factor, the unique design allows owners of expensive cars to showcase their supercars instead of hiding them away in basement garages. Hamilton Scotts is the first building in the world to offer such an amazing parking solution.