'Minecraft' Match Gone Wrong: Man Drove To Michigan With Butcher Knife To Meet Teen In Person

Chelsea Hoffman

After meeting on the game Minecraft, a 14-year-old girl attracted the amorous attention of 25-year-old Glen Timberlake, according to WWMT News 3. The Texas man is currently in jail after he drove all the way to Michigan to attempt to meet the teen in person, after their long distance relationship became sexual in nature. However, the details of this case get more disturbing.

The Midland Daily News reports that Timberlake and the unidentified teen met when the girl was only 12-years-old. The two had an online friendship for approximately two years, but it became sexual at some point. Glen Stephen Timberlake allegedly sent videos and photos of a sexual nature to the young teen. Reports indicate that at least one of the sexually explicit videos included a dog.

The girl's mother became aware of the relationship (which started on Minecraft) at some point, and recognized the man when she saw him outside their home on Monday. She called the police immediately, which led to his arrest. Isabella County Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski expressed shock at the fact that the young man was found with a 13-inch butcher knife when he was arrested.

"I can't imagine why you bring a big knife like that if you drive all the way up from Texas to meet somebody, so I'm not sure, like I said, what his mindset was what he planned on doing. But fortunately nobody got hurt. He's in jail now and won't be able to hurt anybody for a long time."

Timberlake reportedly told detectives that he carried the knife with him to Michigan because he "wanted answers," but no other clarification is available regarding the knife or his comments. Glen Timberlake has been charged with numerous crimes and is in jail on $700,000.00 bond. The list of charges include using a computer to accost a minor, using a computer to commit an aggravated indecent exposure, stalking a minor, and carrying a concealed weapon.

Minecraft isn't the only game that has been in the media regarding criminal behavior. A 46-year-old man was arrested in 2011 for beating up a 13-year-old boy because the teen killed him in the popular game Call of Duty. In 2007, a 31-year-old woman was arrested on child abduction charges after she reportedly traveled from Australia to North Carolina with plans to take her new lover back home with her. There was one problem, though: The lover that she'd met on World of Warcraft was a 17-year-old boy. Online gaming is a social experience that attracts people of all ages. Unfortunately, stories like these are the byproducts of this social experience. Isabella County Sheriff's Office officials have acknowledged that the arrest of Glen Timberlake should illustrate to parents the importance of keeping an eye on their children's online activity.

[Photo credit: Isabella County Sheriff Mugshot/Glen Stephen Timberlake]