Apple Products Will Rule 2015: iPad Pro And Apple Watch Are Coming

Apple products were a big hit in 2014 thanks to the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus and the new Apple MacBook Air notebooks. The new iPad Air 2 wasn’t a huge hit due to consumers using Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus to replace the regular iPad. The iPad mini 3 was pretty much ignored. But Apple may give new life to their tablet market soon.

One of the most anticipated new Apple products in 2015 is the iPad Pro, a 12 to 12.9-inch enterprise tablet. This may revive Apple’s tablet slump since a a tablet with a screen bigger than 12 inches won’t compete with the iPhone 6 Plus and its 5.5-inch screen. Mac Rumors claims Apple’s new tablet will be released in mid-2015.

“iPad updates have traditionally come in the fall, but with a new tablet in the mix, a launch date is up in the air. Current rumors indicate mass production of the iPad Pro has been delayed in order to allow Apple suppliers to focus on building up supply of the iPhone 6 Plus, but a recent report suggests it could launch around April.”

Another highly anticipated Apple product is the Apple Watch. Samsung and other companies have failed with the smartwatch industry, but perhaps Apple can succeed. Ramon Llamas, a mobile devices analyst, told InfoWorld that he believes Apple can make the smartwatch relevant.

“Apple does a lot of things very well, and generating lust for its devices is one of them. I still don’t see how the Apple Watch is a ‘need’ like the iPhone is. Still, leave it to Apple to take this more mainstream than what we’ve seen so far.”

There are some Twitter users who are excited for the Apple Watch, even if others are indifferent.

In addition to the iPad Pro and the Apple Watch, you can expect Apple to reveal more powerful MacBook Pro notebooks and a 12-inch MacBook Air, which is said to be even thinner than the current MacBook Air notebooks. Mac Rumorsclaims that although the unit has suffered some production setbacks, it is still scheduled to be released in mid-2015.

No matter what Apple releases, you can expect to see huge lines for their upcoming products, whether they are groundbreaking or not. We are still waiting for the announcement of a possible Apple mobile virtual reality headset; they can’t just let Samsung own the virtual reality category with the Gear VR. What Apple product are you most excited about in 2015? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: Daryl Deino]