Bill Cosby Wants Detectives To Find Dirt On Accusers — Fighting Rape Allegations With Character Attacks?

Just when you think the Bill Cosby controversy couldn’t get any dirtier, the disgraced comedian has reportedly made a risky decision. The Daily Dot reports that he has hired a team of private investigators to “dig up dirt” on the women who are accusing him of drugging and/or raping them. He reportedly wants to find details in their pasts that could be used against them; to make them look bad and discredit them. The detectives are allegedly being paid six figures to investigate the two dozen women who have come forward thus far.

Cosby reportedly made comments about discrediting his accusers in this way, but allegedly through a source who spoke to The New York Post.

“If you’re going to say to the world that I did this to you, then the world needs to know, ‘ what kind of person are you? Who is this person that’s saying it?'”

It should be noted that Bill Cosby has not yet personally spoken publicly about these rape allegations, regardless of the quotes that have been attributed to him in these most recent reports. The famed comedian has refused to publicly answer to any of the over two dozen accusations that stand against him, which may or may not be helping his public image.

Speaking of his public image, he’s certainly not growing in popularity with people in Hollywood right now. Director Judd Apatow recently railed against the comedian with some highly public comments, but he wasn’t done. The Wrap reports that Apatow is continuing his attacks on Cosby, and his latest comments go right to the core of the controversy.

“I am pretty sure I have had sex with less people than he raped.”

His emotional response was to a person on Twitter, who was evidently showing support for the man who is accused of raping and drugging several women over the course of his career. Even though the number of people who are distancing themselves from Cosby is growing, there are still many people who refuse to pay any attention to the outrageous number of accusations. These folks either believe that all 26+ female accusers are lying or they are simply refusing to pay attention to the gasp-worthy number of accusations and so called witness reports.

On social media, discussion about Bill Cosby varies from full belief in the accusations against him to total denial, with every other emotion in between. A live Google Hangout podcast on Sunday plans to delve into the case without bias.

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