Kansas UFO Explained, Was It an Alien?

Kansans can rest easier tonight. After the sight of a huge flying saucer on the back of an 18 wheeler had people in the Sunflower State asking if they had been visited form another planet. Truth be told they saw something that may still be very uncommon, but very local.

As Sheriff Don Read told Yahoo News, it wasn’t created by a higher intelligent species from outer space, but the good smart folks over at Northrup Grumman, the defense contractor.

The giant saucer was a X-47B drone which was headed to use by the Navy, but it didn’t stop the company from having a little PR fun with the people of Kansas. This is not the first time the military has caused the people of Kansas to see UFO’s. Last year, there was a huge sighting, but alas, the UFOs turned out to be the Army Golden Knights parachuting team.

He could have easily told the AP or Fox News that this was a drone but instead he decided to tell the show Life’s Little Mysteries, keeping the air of mystery around the issue.

What would you have done if you saw a shrink wrapped flying saucer heading down the street on the back of an 18 wheeler?