Burglar Shot Doing What? Pennsylvania Thief Caught With His Pants Down

A burglar shot in a Franklin Commons Apartment at the 1000 block of Boblink Drive allegedly had an inconvenient urge. The unknown Pennsylvania thief was caught touching himself before a neighbor allegedly opened fire.

The 21-year-old burglar was allegedly masturbating when the female second floor apartment resident spotted and confronted him around 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning. He then proceeded to enter the apartment through its balcony to reach her. It is unknown what else he may have done while he was there, but he grabbed her dog and then left the apartment.

ABC News reports that the burglar may have made his way in through a sliding glass door, rather than a window other sources point to.

The thief then allegedly jumped down from the balcony and attempted to enter another apartment on the first floor. This was when the neighbor downstairs saw him and began to unload a.45 caliber firearm on him. This ended with the burglar shot twice, wounding him enough to be taken to Aria-Torresdale Hospital for emergency surgery. He remained in critical condition early Monday.

According to NBC News, nobody else was hurt in the gunfire that caught the Pennsylvania burglar with his pants down. The thief and the residents of the Franklin Commons Apartments allegedly did not know each other, claims Bensalem Police director of public safety Fred Harran.

Police state that the resident who opened fire on the burglar will not have any charges against them. The masturbating burglar may be charged with indecent exposure as well as breaking and entering, and be registered as a sex offender. The charges against the burglar may depend on his recovery.

It is unknown if the dog suffered any injuries as a result of the thief’s alleged leap from the second floor, or if the burglar had let go after hitting the ground.

No charges have yet been filed as the investigation continues.

[Image via PC Glad]