Ever Seen A Christmas Card More Mind-Blowing Than This? [Video]

Zachary Volkert

The art of the Christmas card may have severely diminished since the invention of e-mail, but even the most environmentally conscious of grinches couldn't say that this inventive card is a waste of paper. This crazy Christmas card could get just about anyone in the Christmas spirit, even if some commenters are trying to say it isn't real.

"I sssoooooo wanted this to be real... but I have run it at 0.25 speed... during entire animation, card doesn't move a millimeter or shows any signs of vibration from some mechanism that runs animated cards (while at beginning paper front wobbles like crazy). And at end, just before show shoots out, there is strange cut and card is slightly moved in spawn of single frame. I will have to see video of this card from hand held camera and filmed from different angles + while it runs to considered it not fake (without cuts, single camera)."