Keith Urban Prepares For First New Year's Eve Performance Since He Married Nicole Kidman

Cheryl Phillips

Keith Urban will welcome 2015 on stage on Wednesday night, making it the first time since 2006 the country music star has performed on New Year's Eve. The American Idol judge tells The Vancouver Sun that he hasn't worked on New Year's Eve since he married actress Nicole Kidman eight years ago.

— Keith Urban (@KeithUrban) November 1, 2014

"I've certainly had a few where it's been just us with family, or just Nic and I. We've had a couple of those. Actually, probably, I wonder since I've been married I haven't worked on New Year's Eve? I think that's probably right."

Music Times reports that Jonas, who is now singing on his own after splitting from the boy-band The Jonas Brothers, will be singing his new hit song, "Jealous" at the New Year's Eve show in Niagra Falls. Nick's song is music to Keith Urban's ears, with the "Little Bit of Everything" singer telling the Vancouver Sun that he and his wife love the song.

"We love 'Jealous,' the new Nick Jonas single. Like, totally love that song. I think my wife turned me onto that one recently."
"Their ferocity, particularly Mick [Jagger]'s, it's really matchless. He's one of the great, great frontmen of all time, and to be inches away from him singing on the same mike, was a really surreal experience."

[Image: The Winnipeg Free Press]