Wellcome Trust, The Organization Behind The Recent Human Germ Cell Fabrication, Funds Science That Benefits Humanity

Scientists funded by the Wellcome Trust have successfully made human germ cells, which are the precursors of egg and sperm cells, in laboratory dishes. Cells used to make human germ cells include both reprogrammed human adult cells and human embryonic cells, according to Science News. Inquisitr recently reported the details of the new research.

Earlier, Inquisitr reported that Wellcome Trust backed the Deciphering Developmental Disorders' genetic sequencing project which recently discovered 12 genetic anomalies that could increase the proportion of developmentally disabled individuals that could be genetically diagnosed by 10 percent. The discoveries could lead to new treatment, according to researchers.

Earlier this year, Inquisitr reported that Wellcome Trust was involved with a genome analysis of the whooping cough bacteria which broke the news that the current whooping cough vaccine is disappointingly lacking in efficacy because the vaccine industries' "strategies to date have not completely eradicated strains of the bacteria, instead leading to an increase in diversity."

So, what is Wellcome Trust, besides the organization that is backing so many open-sourced scientific discoveries?

Created in 1936, Wellcome Trust is an an independent charity that funds scientific research in order to improve human and animal health. The Wellcome Trust was formed from the fortune of American-born Sir Henry Wellcome, who earned his money from the pharmaceutical industry. At one point, in the 90's, the Wellcome Trust completely and permanently detached itself from the pharmaceutical industry by getting rid of all stocks tied to the industry. The Wellcome Trust offers funding to researchers that intend to explore "the ethical and social aspects of biomedical research and health interventions at all stages of their careers."The Wellcome Trust's YouTube channel is full of historical videos highlighting historical medical advancements such as the rise and fall of antibiotics, the mechanisms of childbirth, and much more, available for anyone to see. These old videos are available in their complete versions on the Wellcome Trust's library. Papers published from Wellcome Trust funded research often allows full article access, not just abstracts. Located in London, The Wellcome Trust is heavily involved in studying the human genome, so we are sure to see Wellcome Trust funded scientists involved in many genetic breakthroughs in the months and years to come.

[Photo via Wellcome Trust]