Copywriting Guru 71-Year-Old Len Smith Makes $8,500 Per Month Teaching Online

Age is the last thing that is going to stop 71-year-old Len Smith, from Yorkshire, England, from making money — a lot of money, if you consider he brings in an impressive $8,500 per month just from teaching online.

So what’s his business?

Well, the entrepreneurial Smith has had a thriving freelance copywriting business for the best part of 30 years, which generates a revenue of roughly $120,000 each year for the pensioner.

More recently, Smith, who wrote a book entitled How to Be a Copywriter and Earn Money from Home, and cleverly adapted his ideas into an online course through the well-known education site Udemy about three years ago.

As reported by Business Insider today, Smith recalled, “I was contacted by Udemy out of the blue. They said they liked the course, and thought it was ideal for their marketplace.”

When he ran into a difficult patch due to illness, as he attempted to hold down a full-time job and work on his new online venture, Len Smith realized the benefits of concentrating on the online business.

As he told reporters, “I went through a terrible period until July where I could do very little writing, and suddenly realized I had money coming in from Udemy, so why didn’t I run down the copywriting side and focus on the courses?”

Soon after he recovered somewhat from his illness, Smith had written a handful of courses on topics including copywriting, SEO, punctuation, and conducting presentations, which were bringing in $2,000 to $4,000 a month.

“I looked at it and was like, ‘This money is coming in, and I’m doing absolutely nothing whatsoever!'” Smith said.

At this stage, business is looking good for Smith, as he uploads his ninth course, Copywriting Secrets — How To Write Copy That Sells, which he claims brought in nearly $3,000 in just two days.

Regarding the future, Len Smith concluded, “I could never live the lifestyle that my wife and I enjoy without working. We live a lavish lifestyle, so I always intended to work forever, as it were. I’m retired in terms of my age, but it’s very fun — I enjoy doing this.”