Top UFO Sightings Of 2014: 'UFO Fleet' Over Philadelphia? [Video]

Sean Mahoney

2014 has been a treasure trove for UFO enthusiasts, with sightings now widely supported by visual evidence, be it NASA cameras, or the video recorders now incorporated into the majority of everyone's cell phones, iPhones, and droids.

Among these, is a Saturday, December 27 post on YouTube featuring a "UFO fleet" reportedly sighted above Philadelphia.

As with the visual evidence of most UFO sightings, as well as Bigfoot, ghosts, and other paranormal phenomena, this video features strange anomalies in the sky, but also nothing definitive.

At the same time, while it's often said that "a picture is worth a thousand words," in this case, the words we hear from the folks on the video observing the Philadelphia UFOs flying over head, are worth thousands of pictures. Surely they're witnessing something very bizarre, and as most people have experienced, capturing what you're actually seeing via pictures and video, is often very difficult.

Regardless, as is often pointed out, UFO sightings don't always mean one is claiming to have seen an alien craft or visitor from another dimension, but simply a flying object that is unidentifiable.

At the same time, lists of 2014 UFO sightings like the one created by the International Business Times, include bizarre sightings, backed up by visual evidence, that are difficult to explain.

For instance, the image below, captured August 11, 2014, features a circular object or objects in a stormy sky above Houston. This and other images went viral, even giving Houston the nickname, "UFO City."

Unlike so many other pictures featuring something claimed to be possibly paranormal, this one is regarded as being among the best UFO pictures displaying something clearly flying over Terra Firma.

Another of these has UFO images has inspired passionate conversation on websites dedicated to UFO sightings and discussion. This UFO can be seen while perusing Google Earth and, according to the website, this particular UFO shows up near Trout Creek, Montana at coordinates 47°51'17.60"N, 115°36'42.60"W, and features not just a flying saucer-like UFO, but an alleged alien sticking its head out the top - Talk about a moon roof.

Last, but not least, is a video of a UFO that clearly isn't a flying saucer, but star-like lights that are definitely maintaining some kind of order. The video, captured by a man from Milan, Italy, was posted in July, 2014 and also went viral.

[Video via YouTube; Images via Google Images]