‘GTA V’ Parodies That Will Keep You Laughing

GTA V may have its problems, with a number of issues still lingering after the game’s launch, yet fans still love it. They also like poking fun at it. Some fans just create short videos exaggerating the realistic aspect of the game, while other write songs about the many ways to die in GTA V.

“Dumb Ways To Die in GTA V” is the creation of Bry Si. The video is fairly popular on YouTube, raking in almost 3.5 million views. I like to think of the video as a guide to what not to do in GTA V. A little advice when playing GTA: watch where you throw a grenade, stay away from the prostitutes, and always wear a seat belt.

College Humor got in on the hype with their “GTA V Review: So Realistic It’s Boring.” This is a common theme among fans, with another video showcasing the same idea. For those of you wondering, no, there is no cocktail sauce that needs rescuing, and you can’t find nickels in the golf course water hazards. I am also pretty sure you can’t kill yourself with the hot water in GTA, but there are plenty ways to do as seen in the video above.

Unlike the other two, this parodies focuses on the obsession that GTA V can cause. Chad Wild Clay is a victim of the classic fanboy syndrome. After finding out what GTA V was, he had to buy it and play it… and play it. For a week, that was all that he could do until his girlfriend stomps in and dumps him. And destroys his GTA V disc. Then he finds out what all the girls do while their boyfriends are playing the game.

The Warp Kill is in it for the thrill. He likes to see the blood get spilled and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. The storyline is unimportant in GTA V when there is so much death to be dealt. The tables are turned in multi-player as another guy joins in to put a stop to the mindless raging in GTA V.

The last parody is yet another about how easy it is to die in GTA V. The guys over at videogames think that hiding, or leaving could help them stop dying. Not matter what they do, death follows them. Oh well, part of playing any GTA game is respawning, right?

Have you played all of the GTA games? Are you a rager or do you just die all the time playing GTA V?

[Image via YouTube Screenshot]