Monica Gaytan: Texas Mother Gunned Down In Home By Husband Martin Gaytan

Monica Gaytan, a Texas mother, was gunned down in her own home on Sunday in Spring, Texas, authorities say. Police have charged her husband, Martin Gaytan, with her shooting death. According to ABC-13 News, 911 dispatchers received a 911 call from Martin Gaytan, who told dispatchers that he shot his wife and killed her.

When police arrived at the crime scene, they found a Hispanic woman with multiple gunshot wounds to the body. The woman was identified as Monica Marie Gaytan. Martin Gaytan, 24, told police that he had argued with his wife at around 5 a.m., and that she pulled out a gun and pointed it at him. Afraid for his life, and in an act of self defense, he shot her dead, according to Click 2-Houston. Despite his statement of self defense, Harris County Sheriff's deputies charged Martin Gaytan (also spelled as Martin Gayton) with murder.

Family and friends have expressed their shock and sadness online.

"My sweet friend, I will miss you beyond measures! Your spirit was full of light. I am truly heartbroken!"

"My thoughts go out to her young son and fancy."

"Omg this is crazy I can't believe it."

A quick look at the couple's Facebook page shows a newlywed couple full of promise with a bright future ahead of them. In many of their 2013 wedding photos, Monica Gaytan's friends and family members inundated her page with congratulatory comments.

"Congrats again to you two! Beautiful couple!!! Beautiful wedding/reception!"

"Congratulations and Best wishes for a long and happy life together."

"congrats my sweet -all the best for you and your life together"

Her proud mother, Nancy Castaneda, stated in one of the photos, "[M]y baby is married."

People who knew Monica Gaytan say that her husband's self defense story doesn't ring true.

"I don't believe his story. He's trying to get thru the loophole of defending himself. He's lying."

"could not see her doing that went to school with her."

A look at Martin Gaytan's Facebook page shows a man who has a fascination with guns, a fascination that was evident even in his younger days. He even bragged about his use of guns -- leading his wife to comment, "yall are bad."

In another gun photo, Martin makes the following comment.

"Yep each pull of the trigger throws out 1 41 caliber ftx slug and 2 35 caliber bearings so can't miss ha ha. Yup can't go wrong there."

Monica Gaytan responded this way.

"Hey no bueno. Why are you playing with that. That's not for kids."

A background check into Martin and Monica Gaytan's home life shows that they were married for almost two years. They also have a 5-year-old son. Last week, the Inquisitr reported on the death of another Texas mom who was found in her freezer.

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