Rudy Giuliani To Mayor De Blasio: ‘You Are Not Responsible For Police Murders’

Rudy Giuliani has been outspoken about New York City Mayor de Blasio throwing the police under the bus. However, Giuliani has stopped short of accusing de Blasio of being responsible for the deaths of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. Giuliani described his meeting with de Blasio during Saturday’s funeral to Fox News’ Fox and Friends.

“I expressed my condolences and told him that I feel bad they are blaming him for the murders. I told him that murders are complicated and that I don’t hold him responsible for the murders.”

Rudy Giuliani has been outspoken on how Mayor de Blasio has been handling the situation over recent police events. Giuliani has consistently said that de Blasio should apologize to the NYPD for his harsh statements against them. He was outspoken about the situation on Fox News’ The Kelly File.

“The mayor owes an apology to the police department of the city of New York and to the people of the city of New York for the way in which he’s characterized the police department over the last year as a candidate and now as mayor. He has played into, unfortunately, the national rhetoric of, you know, police officers being racists. He’s done it at numerous times you’ve seen him on television attacking the police. And the reality is he owes them an apology.”

Rudy Giuliani has repeatedly talked about Mayor de Blasio accusing the NYPD of being racist, despite the fact there are more minority cops than white ones. In early December, de Blasio talked about his personal racial concerns.

“This is profoundly personal to me. I was at the White House the other day, and the president of the United States turned to me, and he met Dante a few months ago, and he said that Dante reminded him of what he looked like as a teenager. And he said, ‘I know you see this crisis through a very personal lens.’ And I said to him, I did.”

When Giuliani criticized de Blasio for igniting racial tensions, de Blasio fought back by claiming Rudy Giuliani fundamentally misunderstand the reality of race.

“I think he fundamentally misunderstands the reality. There is a problem here. There is a rift here that has to be overcome.”

Even though Rudy Giuliani is trying to be more professional with de Blasio, you can bet Giuliani will continue to make talk show appearances in order to criticize the embattled mayor. Do you think Rudy Giuliani is right? Tell us in the comments section.