Toronto Raptors To Honor Canadian Military With Camouflage Uniforms

On March 21, 2012 the Toronto Raptors will take to the courts of their home game while wearing camouflage uniforms, a salute to Canada’s active military members. Coachs and employees for the team will also sport poppies on their clothing in support of the troops.

The game will take place against the Chicago Bulls and the uniforms (pictured above) will only be worn for that game.

Joseph Casciaro of Raptor Blog however doesn’t think the uniforms honor Canada’s troops in the right way, writing:

On Remembrance Day, you can wear a poppy, donate to various charities and legions, and do countless other things to show your support. But I’d bet that if you walked around in head-to-toe camouflage, it would be seen as unnecessary, and in fact, might even be seen as making a mockery of the whole day.

To me, this is the same thing, you don’t have to parade your team around in camouflage to prove that you care about the armed forces. Make no mistake, these uniforms will enhance the Raptors’ reputation as league laughing stock in some circles more than they will do any good for our troops and veterans.

I have to disagree with Casciaro in part, yes it is true that the team could use a more “modest” approach to honoring their troops, however the uniforms, as ugly as they may be, send a strong statement that raises awareness about the men and women who serve in Canada’s armed services.

Do you think the Toronto Raptors “remembrance” uniforms are gaudy and uncalled for or a nice gesture on the teams behalf?