Beyonce’s Father Broke? Mathew Knowles Caught Selling Off Bey’s Memorabilia At Yard Sale

Beyonce’s father was recently spotted selling off his famous daughter’s memorabilia outside his office, leading many to speculate that Mathew Knowles is in need of some fast cash.

The New York Daily News reports that on Tuesday, Knowles held a yard sale of sorts, selling “T-shirts, DVD’s, and other promotional materials” from the Grammy Award-winning singer’s career right in front of his Houston office.

When asked by a reporter from NBC News affiliate Click2Houston if he was selling off some of Bey’s promo items from previous tours because he is “financially strapped,” Knowles denied needing extra cash, but was simply “clearing out clutter” that had piled up throughout his daughter’s career.

Knowles was apparently offering up some good deals to anyone who stopped by the sale, including T-shirts and hats from Beyonce’s 2007 performances at the Houston Rodeo with Destiny’s Child. Shoppers were delighted to get bargains like three T-shirts for $10 and bargain priced hats among the curb-side offering.

After stating that he made somewhere around $2,000 from the sale outside his office, he took the NBC News reporter on a tour of his office building, the Music World Entertainment Complex, complete with recording studios, the House of Dereon Media Center, and the Rice Mansion.

At best, Knowles, 63, estimated making around $2,000 from the garage sale, but he says he’d just be happy to clear out some of the clutter that’s accumulated over the years. He stated that if he was in need of cash, he’d sell something much more valuable than “$5 T-shirts.”

“If I needed money, I wouldn’t sell $5 T-shirts. I’d sell a Grammy or an MTV award. So that is insulting to think we need to sell $5 T-shirts… No, I don’t think so.”

Once inside the building with the reporter, Timothy Knowles made it clear that he was successful, and didn’t need to sell off any of “Beyonce’s stuff” to stay financially solvent, stating, “Somehow that became we are going out of business, homeless and selling all of Beyonce’s stuff to stay alive, which as you can see it’s just the opposite.”

[Image: NY Daily News]