Astronaut Chris Hadfield Reminds Us That The World Is Just Getting Better [Video]

Astronaut and viral video sensation aren’t two monikers that the public is used to seeing together very often, but Canadian spaceman Chris Hadfield has managed to make the two function together in perfect harmony. Earlier this year, Chris’ parody of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” finally got taken down from YouTube, but that hasn’t kept him from using the popularity the video gave to his YouTube channel to spread more important messages.

Hadfield’s newest reminds us that even though the world may seem chaotic, there’s still a lot of good happening. Literacy is higher than it has ever been. More organizations exist to help abused and malnourished children than ever before. While life may seem to be marginally more difficult for some, the world is seeing better days overall.

Do you agree with Chris Hadfield’s message?

[Image via YouTube]