eBaum's World Owner Fires Site's Founder and Staff

The owner of humor site eBaum's World has fired the site's founder and his staff.

ZVUE, which bought eBaum's World in 2007, told founder Eric Bauman and his team they were being let go Friday, Bauman reveals in a series of blog postings.

"We have been running eBaum's World for 10+ years so this is a very sad time for all of us," Bauman writes. "Without us, I am sure the site will not run nearly as smoothly anymore since there is a brand new team running it and they have no idea what they are doing."

Bauman says the new staff is continuing to use his name even though he is no longer involved.

According to Bauman's blog, the ZVUE CEO told him the company was closing his Rochester office for "operational and financial reasons," then proceeded to search through everyone's computers and files. Bauman says some of his team members were offered new positions within ZVUE, but none accepted. They were then given severance packages, he says.

Bauman and his crew have started a new site called eBaum.TV and seem poised to regrow their efforts there. You can read more of Bauman's insights about the firings here.

(Via Silicon Valley Insider)