Parker Molloy Cites Racist Subtext Of ‘A Christmas Story,’ Sparks Outrage On Twitter

Parker Molloy recently started a controversial fire due to her opinion on one of America’s most epic holiday films. The 28-year-old writer and essayist, who is also an activist and advocate for transgender rights, recently shared her disdain of the ever-popular movie A Christmas Story. Apparently, the seemingly innocent holiday film has struck a nerve with Molloy, who sees much more than everyone else saw.

On December 24, the writer-essayist took to Twitter with a lengthy, detailed analysis of the 1983 comedy. Molloy posted a series of controversial tweets about the film. Although her observation was brutally honest and brash, it did point out a few questionable aspects about the film that leaned toward soft racism.

In her analysis, she argued that the film depicts “the reality for white children.” Molloy used the fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in comparison with the film’s main character, Ralphie, who appears to be around the same age in the movie. At one point in the film, Ralphie can be seen playing with a toy gun he got for Christmas. Molloy cited how no one cautioned him of any possible dangers or consequences that could be suffered for playing with the fake weapon. She also stated how no one probably would have mentioned that he could be killed by police for playing with the toy, unlike Rice, who was shot at close range for having the same type of toy mistaken for a real one.

Molloy reportedly argued that the scene is an example of “institutional racism” and “white privilege.” She also included the hashtags #AChristmasStory, #WhitePrivilege #Racism, #BlackLivesMatter, which helped to circulate her controversial tweet rather quickly.

Here’s some of Molloy’s tweets:

However, that’s not all. She even chastised Turner Broadcast Systems (TBS) for airing the film in its Christmas line-up and threatened to ruin the annual marathon. Needless to say, Molloy’s words definitely caught the attention of hundreds on the social media network. Of course, an overwhelming number of conservative Twitter users definitely weren’t pleased with her analysis. However, some users did understand why she found some of the themes in the film offensive.

Here are some of the responses.

While many felt Molloy considered the entire film to be racist, she also posted more tweets to offer clarity about her views.

Do you agree or disagree with Parker Molloy’s views of A Christmas Story? Or is the argument a bit extreme? Share your thoughts.

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