iPhone 6 Plus Deals: Walmart Has After-Christmas Sales In Stock So Cheap That A Man Boils It In Coke

The Walmart iPhone 6 Plus deals for the after-Christmas sales may have many Apple fans running out to buy the new iPhone. But one man thought it would be a good idea to test his expensive smartphone by boiling it in Coca-Cola.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, iPhone 7 rumors generated by analysts at Cowen and Company claim that Apple will launch not only an iPhone 6 Plus replacement, the iPhone 7 Plus, but they will also be giving the world an iPhone 6S Mini that will attempt to replace the cheap budget phone, the iPhone 5C. But other iPhone 7 rumors are more exotic, claiming that the iPhone 7 display will incorporate glasses-free 3D holographic technology, and there’s also the possibility the pending Apple Watch release date may coincide with the new iPhone 7 in order to drive up sales.

The biggest iPhone 6 Plus sales coming from Walmart have the retail giant slashing off $70 off the iPhone 6 price, bringing the sales price down to $129 for the regular iPhone 6 and $229 for the iPhone 6 Plus deals. Walmart also dropped the iPhone 5S price from $79 down to $49. Of course, these sales prices are based upon signing up for a cell phone service, since the price without a contract on an unlocked iPhone 6 Plus on Amazon is around $800 for the 16GB version. Of course, finding an iPhone 6 Plus in stock is the real trick, since many retailers have sold out of the larger 5.5 inch version of the iPhone 6.

If you do manage to land one of Walmart’s iPhone 6 Plus deals, then we highly suggest not doing what this guy did to his poor iPhone 6.

Lately, it’s been a trend for people to abuse their iPhone 6 phones on video by dropping them tall heights, bending them, and checking out what happens to the phone when it’s put inside a microwave. A new viral video investigates a new trend where people actually attempt to boil electronics with soda. As might be expected, the results are not pretty.

The iPhone 6 is dipped into a pot full of coke that has turned into a slimy syrup. The iPhone 6 temperature warning comes on briefly, the whole mess begins to solidify, and smoke starts pouring out from the iPhone 6 battery.

After this little demonstration, the user scraped off the solidified coke to show off the damage. The iPhone 6 display had popped out, many of the buttons were stuck, and — surprise, surprise — the iPhone 6 was broken.

Needless to say, Walmart’s iPhone 6 Plus deals are good, but they aren’t THAT good…