World’s First Transgender Doll? See The Toy That Many Parents Find ‘Shocking’ [Video]

On the surface, the doll being sold in an Argentinian toy shop known as Once seems like a number of any other dolls, with her shiny synthetic hair, brightly colored outfit, large doe eyes, and pursed rosebud smile. But underneath the clothing, many parents are shocked to find what seems like extra genitalia on the doll, causing many to wonder if this is the world’s first transgender doll.

For a picture of the part of the doll that is causing so much controversy, watch the video below.

The toy, which is a “discount” fairy doll marketed under the name of Fashion Happy, is being sold in Argentina, but is actually made in China, and as of now, it is uncertain as to whether what seems to be extra genitalia is intentional on the manufacturer’s side, or if it’s a factory defect.

The mother of a girl who had been gifted one of the dolls posted a picture of the toy online, and said she found it “shocking.” The image, and the story that goes with it, quickly went viral, causing a stir around the country as many weigh in.

Many of the parents in Argentina worry that the transgender doll could somehow influence their child’s sexuality. Others simply find a doll with genitalia to be inappropriate.

One Argentinian parent weighed in on the debate by saying, “It’s very difficult to give an opinion because I’m conscious that it’s a taboo subject in society… but yes, obviously, it’s shocking.”

The transgender community in Argentina, though, support the doll. Many have indicated through newspapers, TV, and radio interviews around the country that the doll could actually be used as a positive representation of sexual diversity for children. Having access to a transgender doll as a child, many in the community note, could have made their own childhoods easier.

As for what sort of impact owning and playing with a transgender doll could have on an actual child, child psychologist Ricardo Rodulfo commented, “It doesn’t matter to a child whether their toy has male genitalia or not.”

He pointed out that it wasn’t the children who were having difficulty accepting a doll with what may be extra genitalia.

“The idea causes more disturbance among adults,” he said.

The so-called “world’s first transgender doll” is still being sold at the toy shop in Argentina.

What do you think? Is the idea of a transgender doll shocking or inappropriate? Is it just a positive way to introduce more diversity, and provide children who may be transgender themselves with a positive outlet and representation?

Or is what clearly looks like male genitalia on an outwardly female doll a factory mistake?

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[Image via the Daily Mail]