Seriously, Cocaine is EVERYWHERE!

In a follow up to my piece yesterday on researchers finding Cocaine in the air all over Italy, I have decided that after a little more research that it is official…Cocaine is everywhere!

Today the Huffington Post is reporting that a study in the United Kingdom, which has been dubbed the Cocaine capital of Eruope, has found that 9 out of 10 diaper changing stations have traces of cocaine on them.

This in light of a CNN report that 90% of all currency in the United States has traces of cocaine on it too!

Seriously, I am not sure what is going on in the world but it would seem as if a lot of it is focused on cocaine. Granted both researchers acknowledge that not all the samples tested were probably used for illicit purposes. As far as currency goes, once a bill is contaminated it may have been put into a money counting machine and contaminated others.

Back to the baby changing stations though, it is highly unlikely that they could have been cross contaminated. I mean, there is always the possibility that a local drug dealer could have stopped by a restroom to relieve himself and left a couple of packages of cocaine on the changing station, but 9 out of ten of them?

There have been alot of talkbacks on this subject with posters coming up with some interesting ideas to keep babies rear ends safe from the highly addictive stimulant.

One Huff Post Reader suggested “Just for fun, some of those changing stations should swing shut when there’s no weight on them after, say, a minute. That’ll make for some pissed off addicts :D”

Do you think Cocaine is everywhere? What can we do about this phenomena?