Whole Foods, Walmart and CVS Culturally Insensitive to Jews?

Are the huge chains missing the mark when it comes to the Jewish Holidays? The Washington Post’s Jessica Goldstein went to a local Whole Foods, and could not believe that under a Hanukkah display the shelves were stocked with Matzo. While one could understand the display if it was April and Passover was on the way (Matzo is the crunchy cracker type bread associated with Passover), but Hanukkah?

Add this to Walmart’s displays offering “Delicious for Channukah” ham. While not all Jews keep a kosher home, it is fairly well known that Jews are not supposed to eat pork. CVS is not immune either, painting their Hanukkah display with Shofars, the rams horn which is typically associated with Rosh Hashannah.

No one is accusing these large retailers of antisemitism or anything, but maybe a little bit of plain old stupidity? It isn’t very hard to find a Jew and ask about Holiday displays. Maybe even just spend a few minutes online or make a call to a local synagogue? A study released in 2003 showed more than 200,000 Jews living in the DC area. Many more commute into the capitol for various reasons. You would think these retailers would want to appeal to this market?

The same complaints have also been lodged my Muslims, Hindus and many other minorities in America. Do you think these large chains should be more sensitive?