Kim Kardashian Ranks Below Ebola On Yahoo’s Top 10 Searches Of 2014

Kim Kardashian didn’t rank at the top of Yahoo’s Top 10 Searches of 2014 list like she did last year. It appears that while the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was still a heavily searched name, she wasn’t quite as popular as she was in 2013 — ranking below the search for information on the Ebola virus, the Minecraft video game, pop star Ariana Grande, actress Jennifer Lawrence, and The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco.

Kanye West’s wife and baby mama ranked number two last year, but dropped down to number six on the list for 2014. Yahoo’s web trends expert, Vera Chan, tells USA Today that it’s likely Kim wouldn’t have made it on the list if she didn’t expose herself on the cover of Paper magazine, but says she’s “still a power house” and a “social media champ.”

“She might not have made the top 10 if not for Paper magazine. She didn’t break the Internet but has been in top 10 pretty steadily since 2012.”

In 2013, Kim was constantly in the news throughout her pregnancy and after the birth of her daughter, North West, but she still took second place to pop star Miley Cyrus in Yahoo’s yearly ranking of the most searched people and topics.

Despite the fact that she got married to Kanye West this year, Kim dropped even further down Yahoo’s list in 2014. Apparently, people were much more concerned with the Ebola virus than Kim’s famous booty.

According to Yahoo, Ebola was the top search for 2014. It made headlines in the U.S., most notably when Thomas Eric Duncan came from Liberia to Dallas, Texas, to get married, only to end up with dying from Ebola in a Dallas hospital. The Dallas News reports that nurses Nina Pham and Amber Vinson, who became sick while treating Duncan, are now Ebola-free.

In addition to the Ebola virus, six celebrities (including Kim Kardashian), one video game, a popular Disney movie, and Apple’s newest iPhone all made Yahoo’s Top 10 Searches of 2014 list. Here’s how they ranked.

  1. Ebola
  2. Minecraft
  3. Ariana Grande
  4. Jennifer Lawrence
  5. Kaley Cuoco
  6. Kim Kardashian
  7. Disney’s Frozen
  8. Miley Cyrus
  9. iPhone 6
  10. Jennifer Anniston

Are you surprised Kim Kardashian didn’t top Yahoo’s search list this year, or do you think some of the other celebrities like Kaley Cuoco or Jennifer Lawrence deserve to rank higher than the reality star?

[Image: The Gloss]