‘Scandal’ Season 4 Spoilers: Fitz To Leave Mellie For Olivia In Finale?

Scandal fans may have a lot to look forward to in the New Year. According to the latest spoilers from KDrama Stars, Fitz and Olivia may end Season 4 with a bang.

According to the report, Scandal‘s President Fitz may do the unthinkable, and what fans have been wanting him to do for the past four seasons, leave his wife, First Lady Mellie Grant, for his true love and mistress Olivia Pope.

For all the fans who are Team Fitz, and can’t wait to see Fitz and Olivia end up together they may be disappointed. It seems a little too soon in the series for the president and Miss Pope to have their happy ending.

First of all, Fitz is still in office, and will all the drama that has surrounded his presidency such as a rigged election, an assassination attempt, his son’s murder, his suicide attempt, rumors of his mistress, and his daughter’s sex tape it wouldn’t be wise for Fitz to bring on any more problems for himself.

However, Scandal‘s endgame has to be Fitz and Olivia, right? Will Fitz and Olivia get their fairytale ending where they move to their dream house in Vermont, have children, and live their lives the way they’ve always wanted.

Also, there’s a big roadblock in Fitz’s way as he fights for Liv’s affection, Jake Ballard. Jake also loves Olivia, and she loves him. It will be hard for Liv to choose between her two loves, but deep down fans have to believe that Fitz is her one true love.

However, before Fitz and Jake can fight over Olivia yet again they’ll have to find her. In the Scandal mid-season finale, Liv went missing right from her own apartment while Jake was in the other room.

Actor Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant on the series told TV Guide about how Fitz will react to the kidnapping.

“It will potentially destroy Fitz again. How much more can a man take? This will really test him. The stakes are unbelievably high and I can say that it will be scary.

“My guess is that Fitz will really team up with Jake to save Olivia. I think he and Jake would really enlist each other’s help. As much as he’s got his issues with Jake, Jake’s his best ally in doing that.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Fitz doesn’t do well without Olivia in his life, and he becomes a shell of his former self when he’s not close to his mistress.

What do you think about Fitz leaving Mellie for Olivia Pope on Scandal season 4?

[Image Credit: ABC]