Boycott Kim: Kim Kardashian Boycott Gathers 280,000 Signatures

Will 2012 be a Kardashian free year? No. But would you like it to be? More than 280,000 people have signed a petition against Kim Kardashian and her reality show family. started last month and has already gathered support from 282,544 people, who pledged not to watch the Kardashians on TV or to buy any products connected to the family.

So why would you want to boycott Kim Kardashian? Well, the site has a few reasons.

“Kim Kardashian has made a mockery of American culture, doing whatever it takes to extend her fifteen minutes of fame so that she can selfishly profit from her celebrity status… Through a series of distasteful and carefully planned publicity stunts, beginning with a strategically released sex tape, a scripted “reality” show, and now a (for profit) 72 day marriage, Kim Kardashian continues to bait the media into giving her more unjustified coverage and allowing her to cash in financially.”

The California-based co-founder, who wishes to stay anonymous, told the NY Daily News that stores like Sears are starting to pay attention to the Kim Kardashian Boycott. The founder did say, however, that the petition would need at least 500,000 views before a company like Sears seriously starts to consider dropping its Kardashian products.

280,000 may sound like a big number, but it’s nothing compared to Kim Kardashian’s fan base. Kardashian, who labels herself as a “business woman, exec producer, fashion designer, perfumista” on Twitter, has more than 12 million followers on the social networking site. The show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” brought in 4.4 viewers during the Kris Humphries wedding episode. The December 11th episode brought in 3.2 million viewers.

So may need more than 500,000 signatures if they really want to get Kim out of the spotlight.

Are you sick of Kim Kardashian and her family? Or are you dying to see her Christmas card?