Sean Hannity Worst: Fox News Host Has Meltdown On Twitter Over Poll

Sean Hannity is the worst host on Fox News according to a new poll released by Mediaite earlier this week. The site conducted a poll of all the cable news hosts, and Hannity received the highest number of votes in the worst news host category. On the other side, Megyn Kelly and Bret Bair tied for the title of best news host for the network.

Hannity hosts one of the shows on Fox News’ prime time line-up, and he does not have many fans at Mediaite. They had him coming in second place for their own worst cable news award.

The site did share why they thought Hannity deserved the honor of being labeled the worst of Fox.

“Apparently we’re not the only ones annoyed by his eponymous show’s special blend of vein-popping shout fests, mega-panel clown shows, and partisan grudge matches.”

Sean did not like being called the worst news host from Fox News. After Mediaite announced the poll, Hannity had a very public reaction to the results on his Twitter. In fact, the news host ended up in a back and forth battle with the editor-in-chief of Mediaite, Andrew Kirell, via Twitter.

After the battle between Hannity and Krell ended, the news host spent the rest of the night sharing tweets from his fans. Many complimented him for his time on air. Some also commented on the blackout of the Fox News channel on Dish Network.

With the end of the year only days away, this is the time for all the year-end polls. Don Lemon was labeled one the worst of CNN by Mediaite. According to another Inquisitr report, the Columbia Journalism Review named Lemon one of the worst journalists of the year.

As for Sean, he made news earlier this year for revealing his weight loss secrets. Hannity lost 27 pounds over an 18-month period, and he did it the old-fashioned way.

Sean shared his method for losing the weight in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

“In the fall of 2012, while playing golf, a friend took a picture of me. It was hideous — I looked four months pregnant. I had man boobs. I just said, ‘What am I doing to myself, letting myself go this way?’ Around Christmas, I started my diet — Atkins, the low-carb, no-sugar diet. Within a week I’d lost 6 or 7 pounds. In six weeks, I went from 207 to 180, which I am now.”

Hannity also exercises three to four days a week, and he has learned how to handle himself in dangerous situations with the help of a trainer. Sean did reveal that he has received threats because of his vocal nature on air.

What do you think of Sean Hannity being called the worst of Fox News? Do you agree with the Mediaite poll?

[Photo: Sean Hannity Twitter]